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Shop Minis overview

Shop Minis is a platform for building shopping experiences for the Shop app. The React Native SDK and APIs allow developers to surface existing Shopify app functionality in a mobile context or build entirely new mobile-first shopping experiences.


Shop Minis is currently in early access. Anyone can start using the toolkit to develop and run a Shop Mini locally, but only early access partners can publish to the Shop app. Apply here to join the early access program.

As part of the developer preview, anyone can:

  • Get started building a Shop Mini using the CLI.
  • Use React Native SDK components and TypeScript to build their Shop Mini experience.
  • Run their Shop Mini in an iOS or Android simulator or on a real device.
  • Access test product data and explore the Shop Minis GraphQL API.

Early access partners will additionally be able to:

  • Publish their Shop Mini to the Shop mobile app.
  • Use real product and shop data from eligible merchants.
  • Surface their Shop Mini on shop screens and product details screens within the Shop app.
  • Send push notifications to Shop users that interact with their Shop Mini.

How Shop Minis work

Shop Minis architecture

Shop Minis are built with React Native and TypeScript. If you're familiar with React or have built a Shopify app before, you'll find the process familiar.

They are merchant-scoped, meaning merchants enable your Shop Mini by installing your Shopify app. Once your Shop Mini is enabled for a eligible merchant, you can surface it on their shop screen, product details screen, or order confirmation screen in the Shop app via entry points. Currently, it's not possible to build Shop Minis experiences that span multiple merchants such as marketplaces etc.

Platform components

The Shop Minis platform consists of:

  • A CLI for generating and building your Shop Mini.
  • A React Native SDK including components and tools for developing mobile-first shopping experiences.
  • A GraphQL API for fetching shop and product data.