Perfect Pot








An 8-in-1 family-sized, stovetop-to-oven nonstick pot

Victoria · May 20

I love love LOVE this pot! The wooden utensil with it is also delightful! It is not so heavy to be difficult to use but sturdy enough to provide even cooking I have only used it to cook twice at this time but I am SO very glad I purchased it--I got the beautiful dark red color--which is unlike the other items I have--easy to tell it's a soup pot!

Guan · May 19

First of all, great customer service. I bought the set 2 weeks before the spring sale. And they adjusted the price under my request without any issue. Most beautiful pots I’ve ever used. Not sticky at all. And easy to clean. They just enhanced my cooking experience in very aspect.

Christy · May 17

The new pots I received from Our place really has brought a new excitement in the way I cook. Knowing that they are safer and by the way so easy to clean not to mention how beautiful they look. I absolutely love them

Rebecca · May 15

This is the best pot I’ve ever owned! It is incredibly easy to clean, not as hard t as most pots, has a convenient no-mess spoon holder, a steamer lip, and is cute!

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