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This miracle-tool invigorates blood flow to the scalp to help promote healthy hair, exfoliates the scalp by gently yet effectively lifting sebum and product buildup that accumulates between washes, helps distribute natural oils to boost hai...

Erin · Feb 20

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This is the first time I’ve used a tool like this one and it makes my scalp feel amazing!

Yamiled · Feb 12

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I love this scalp massager, stimulates blood flow to the scalp and does what it’s supposed to do. More bristles would be great though!

Madalyn · Jan 10

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My favorite ceremonia purchase so far! It helped rinse all the shampoo out of my hair so I didn’t have a ton of residue left and felt soooo good

Adriana · Dec 13, 2023

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Love this and the way it’s made is high quality. No water can get into the inside which is amazing.

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