early bird light roast coffee bag




fresh ground




This one’s for the early risers. This light roast is crisp, bright and complex, with notes of green apple, citrus, sweet caramel and creamy milk chocolate. Highly likely to make you more productive, or whatever.

Kayla · Apr 26

Okay I am OBSESSED! I wake up every morning excited to make this in my french press. The caffeine buzz lasts all day and there's no crash. Will be setting up a subscription ASAP!

Adriana · Apr 6

I’ve been religiously using this blend for almost 2 years and i can say i will never buy another kind again. i use this as espresso shots and drink 2 espresso shots paired with some hazelnut creamer is a perfect latte in the AM. if you’re debating getting the early bird blend, don’t.

yuny · Apr 6

i drink this everyday. it’s even good in the fridge overnight and then as iced coffee the next morning. tastes just as fresh.

Phoenix · Apr 4

LOVE the taste of this coffee. I DESPISE having to buy the bags now because they take SO much more grounds to get the cold brew to taste the same. I was so sad to see the Early Bird Single Serves discontinued. I really hope they bring them back! I’ve been buying this flavor for 3 yrs now!

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