Product Review Policies


Everyone loves reviews - they're an essential part of the decision-making process when shopping. We encourage you to share your reviews, whether favorable or unfavorable, to express your individual experience and share helpful information for other shoppers. Shop takes certain limited steps to help ensure that reviews on Shop remain a reliable and trustworthy source of customer feedback. Reviews must comply with the policies below. Shop also reserves the right to take appropriate action to moderate reviews for reasons not listed below. Reviews must:

  • Abide by our prohibited behavior and content policies.
  • Be directly related to the product purchased or the Shop Store you are purchasing from.
  • Not contain ads, links, or promotional content.
  • Not be submitted by someone with a conflict of interest, including someone affiliated with the business (including friends and family of the business), or a competing business.
  • Not be submitted in exchange for money, discounts, free products or refunds.
  • Be unique. Only review a product once per purchase.
  • Be authentic. This means they're not artificially created via bots or similar techniques. For more details, see our Terms of Service. If you see a report that violates these guidelines, please report it directly in the Shop app.

About Shop's Moderation Process for Product Reviews

Shop takes certain proactive and reactive measures to help ensure that reviews on Shop are reliable, trustworthy and comply with our policies. You can submit a review if you've made a purchase through the Shop app, or if you made a purchase through an online store and then used the Shop app to track your order. Once submitted, reviews are assessed for any of the above policy violations by both automated and manual processes. Shop may reject or remove a review or take other appropriate action if a review violates these or other Shop policies, the Shop Terms of Service, or otherwise violates the law. Shop will never alter or modify a review to change its meaning. Shop may redact certain parts of reviews that otherwise might violate our policies (for example, if a review contained personal information or obscene language). Shop Stores may respond to your review, and those replies follow these same standards and moderation processes.

Reviews Outside of Shop

The Shop Product Review Policy and moderation process applies to reviews that are submitted through and displayed on Shop, as well as reviews that are tracked through the Shop app. However, Shop Stores may choose to collect and display reviews outside of Shop, including through and on their own website. Those reviews are not moderated by Shop or subject to the Shop Product Review Policy or moderation process. They are subject to each Shop Stores's own terms and policies and may or may not be consistent with the reviews that appear on the Shop app. If you have any questions or concerns about reviews submitted or displayed outside of Shop, please contact the Shop Store directly. Learn more about how to leave a review.