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Princess Polly Taps Into a New Way to Engage With Shoppable Video in Shop

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As the world of social media has moved towards video, Princess Polly moved with it, defining fashion trends for young women one short form video at a time since 2015. The brand's industry leading influencer strategy has ensured that their products end up in the feeds and 'For You' pages of potential customers. Commerce through video is a trend that's on the rise, and Princess Polly has positioned itself to be the brand that rises alongside it, inspiring other brands along the way.


of all Princess Polly customers use Shop app


higher AOV from customers who engage with shoppable video through Tolstoy

young girl wearing Princess Polly

We need video everywhere. We need shopping experiences that resonate with our customers, who spend a lot of their time on social media. And with Shopify's help, we've really been able to stay on top of the latest and greatest tech.

Claire Miller
Claire Miller
E-Commerce Manager
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Princess Polly's mobile-first influencer and marketing strategy works extremely well on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and they're always looking to experiment with new ways to reach their audience.

Their products evolve as quickly as the latest emerging trends and since their products are always changing, their video content needs to be equally dynamic - something that's difficult to do outside of social media, and that most commerce platforms aren't equipped for.

And since 55% of their customers are buying through the Shop app, Princess Polly needed to find a way to create a consistent mobile-first brand experience that can successfully leverage video content created by some of the most trusted content creators on the internet.

QR code for the Princess Polly Shop Mini

Tolstoy's Shop Videos made it incredibly easy for Princess Polly to port their existing social and influencer strategies into Shop, and instantly start selling in a way that looks and feels like the engaging experiences they've created on other platforms. They already had a large portion (55%) of their audience using Shop, and those customers can now get a consistent experience that's intuitive to their tastes - in an app that they trust.

Powered by Tolstoy, video content created on other platforms can now be directly brought into Shop for mobile-first viewing with product links displayed in a non-intrusive manner that allows the content to shine. Viewers turn into customers, as they're then able to easily add their favorite products to their cart and checkout with the best-converting accelerated checkout on the internet - Shop Pay.

With Shop, Princess Polly has gained a valuable new sales channel that lets them seamlessly leverage their expertise from other platforms and continue to do what they do best.

Screenshot of Princess Polly on Shop app
Screenshot of Princess Polly on Shop app
Screenshot of Princess Polly on Shop app

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Thanks to the Tolstoy integration with Shop, brands are able to drive sales from a new channel without any additional cost or effort. Since Shop is mobile-first, the experience lends itself to video, and brands can use existing videos from other channels to get up and running in just minutes.

Dov Kaufmann
Dov Kaufmann
CEO, Tolstoy

What is Shop?

Shop is a mobile app for iOS and Android with 100+ million installs. Customers can use the app to discover new products and brands, shop and favorite products, track packages, and more.

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What are Shop Minis?

Shop Minis are shopping experiences created by developers to help enhance merchant Shop Stores. Merchants can use Shop Minis to add new features to their Shop Store, such as livestreams, shoppable posts, and size charts.

The developers who create minis for Shop are part of the Shopify Partner Program, a network of trusted developers who create apps specifically for Shopify stores. Each Shop Mini is reviewed by Shopify to ensure that it meets all app requirements.

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