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Little Sleepies Increases Average Order Value With Shoppable Galleries in Shop

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Little Sleepies revolutionized the children's pajama industry when they showed families that they could be equal parts comfortable, functional, and cute. The brand has hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans who eagerly await new releases. Their fans share photos of the products, which has become the backbone of the brand's social strategy. With new content arriving from their customers every day, Little Sleepies has become a masterclass in turning customers into advocates, and turning their content into growth.


of all Shop app orders came from buyers who viewed shoppable galleries


higher AOV from customers who viewed shoppable galleries

Two babies wearing Little Sleepies

We really believe that every single one of our customers is a content creator, and we want every single family to see themselves represented in our brand and our marketing. And UGC is a huge way that we're able to do that.

Lindsay McClelland
Lindsay McClelland
VP of Marketing
Little Sleepies company logo

The overwhelming majority of the Little Sleepies audience engage with the brand on mobile devices, making up around 90% of all traffic to their online store.

The ability to authentically share user generated content (UGC) in a mobile-first experience is an essential key to the success of Little Sleepies and they've honed this process to a fine art on platforms built specifically for sharing and viewing content.

But in a world where an increasing amount of brands are competing for the attention of their audience, how can Little Sleepies keep things authentic, consistent, and highly converting as they move their customers from platforms made for content to platforms made for commerce?

QR code for the Little Sleepies Shop Mini

Using the Foursixty integration in the Shop app has allowed Little Sleepies to keep the customer experience consistent across all platforms. Specifically, Little Sleepies has a new way to leverage their existing marketing strategy and bring their social content directly into Shop with shoppable galleries.

Products can be directly linked to each image in these galleries, with viewers seeing how Little Sleepies pajamas look on real people. They can then quickly add these products to their cart and checkout in only a few taps.

With Shop, Little Sleepies has seen a large portion of their customers connect with their social content on a deeper level and this is resulting in increased average order values in comparison with their other customers. With Shop and the Foursixty integration, Little Sleepies has found a key channel to help continue their incredible success.

Screenshot of Little Sleepies on Shop app
Screenshot of Little Sleepies on Shop app
Screenshot of Little Sleepies on Shop app

For years, we've seen first hand just how much social content drives purchase intent and inspiration on mobile and the online store, so it's amazing to see social content continue to be such a successful driver of customer engagement and conversion in Shop.

Michael Chachula
Michael Chachula
CEO, Foursixty

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