Shop Promise Policies

Buy with confidence when you see the Shop Promise badge knowing you're purchasing products that are delivered fast and reliably. You’re responsible for reviewing and using this information appropriately. Policies may occasionally change, so remember to come back to this page for any updates made.

Learn more about Shop Promise and the claims process.

Shop Promise provides expected delivery dates for eligible merchants:

  • The sale of goods is solely between you and the merchant.
  • Shopify is not and will not be responsible for any aspect of the products purchased.
  • Shopify is not responsible for any actions taken by merchants.

Limited guarantee

A limited guarantee is provided on eligible orders with the Shop Promise badge at no cost to the merchant or customer. If the first delivery attempt was later than the Shop Promise provided date, you may be eligible to receive the equivalent of your shipping fees, or a flat amount of $5 if shipping was free, up to a maximum of $50 in Shop Cash to spend in the Shop app. It does not guarantee that the delivery will arrive by a certain date. Shop Cash has no monetary value.

To be eligible for the limited guarantee, the following limitations apply:

  • Your order was purchased using Shop Pay. However, if it’s your first valid claim, then Shopify will cover it regardless of your payment method.
  • Shopify must be able to verify that you purchased the qualifying order and it was delivered to a physical location within the United States. Purchases for digital goods do not qualify.
  • Your claim was made within 30 days of the first attempted delivery. Learn more about the claims process.
  • You can only submit one valid claim per Shop Promise order. For example, if you’ve ordered two items that ship separately and they both qualify for the limited guarantee, then you can only make one claim. You're not eligible for two different claims.
  • You used the email address associated with your Shop account to submit your claim request. If you don’t have a Shop account, then you’ll need to create one.
  • Your reward is in the form of Shop Cash, which has its own terms. Shop Cash expires in 90 days and can only be used in the Shop app.
  • The store’s terms and policies always apply to your purchase. Shop provides the Shop Promise guarantee as an additional service directly to shoppers in addition to what the store provides. The guarantee only covers a late first delivery attempt. If a package never arrived, or is damaged, faulty, or the wrong variant (size, color, etc.), then you should contact the store directly.

Denied Claims

There are a number of reasons why a claim may be denied, including but not limited to, the following:

  • A tracking number wasn’t provided for your order.
  • The claim was made more than 30 days after the first attempted delivery.
  • The order hasn’t been delivered yet.
  • The order was delivered to a location outside the United States.
  • The order wasn’t delivered to a physical address. Digital products don’t qualify.
  • The order already has a successful claim.
  • The order URL being submitted with a claim was incorrect.
  • The order has not been paid for using Shop Pay and you’ve previously made a successful claim.
  • There wasn't enough information to validate your claim.
  • Situations where Shopify determines or believes that the claim was made in error or by mistake, is fraudulent or otherwise doesn’t comply with the law, or determines the claim is in violation of the terms and conditions applicable to Shop Promise.
  • Situations where there is a delay in delivery caused by such events as fires, telecommunications failures, utility failures, power failures, equipment failures, labor strife, riots, war, terrorist attack, non-performance of our vendors or suppliers, acts of God, or other causes over which Shopify has no reasonable control.