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This featherweight face serum contains a potent and long-lasting form of vitamin C that brightens and smooths skin’s tone and appearance, while providing instant hydration.

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A few customers have noticed a stronger smell with this c...

Paula · Apr 11

My favorite thing about Ursa Major is the scent of all the products. I’ve used this serum for 4 years. The scent was changed since my last purchase and it’s not as fresh as before. Still works amazingly but please change it back to the old scent

Elizabeth · Apr 4

This product changed my whole view on skin products. I have bought creams that have been 3 times this cost that I didn’t see any change in my skin. My skin is so healthy and bright now. I use it twice a day.

Celeste · Mar 31

I have been using this vitamin c serum for about a month. I was amazed after two weeks. I could tell a difference with the brown spots on my face. They are so much lighter. I use Ursa serum morning and night. I had been using another brand for years and could hardly tell a difference. But Ursa have my support. Great stuff.

Kay · Mar 26

I live in the desert Southwest and my skin is overexposed to heat, sun, and dry wind everyday. This serum has made a big difference! It brightens my skin but also it keeps my skin moisturized (under my face lotion). I’m so pleased with this product. And? My skin reacts to almost everything—and I’ve had no rashing or redness with Vitamin C serum. Fantastic!!

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