Miracle Balm

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It’s all in the name. Miracle Balm is the secret of no-makeup makeup: a wash of soft-focus moisture to perfect and enhance skin. A light-reflecting superproduct that’s as versatile as it is simple to use. Wear Miracle Balm alone or layer on...

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Holly · Jul 15

Magic Hour

I like almost everything about my miracle balm. I do not wear makeup so this balm works out well. I really like several of the shades and the way they shimmer. It’s just enough to wake up my whole complexion, and as advertised a little bit does go a long way. There is one thing that I do NOT like and it’s the fragrance of the balm. I am planning to continue using what I have and hopefully my nose will eventually adjust before I consider ordering more.

Patti · Jul 13

Golden Hour

Love it. Use it every single day. The absolute best. I am fifty two, wear light make up. This makes me look golden all day. Awake. Very creamy. A little goes a long way. Slight glisten. Not matte.

Victoria · Jul 1

Magic Hour

I really love this color! I read many reviews on it and even watched videos. Some people complained that they became too glittery and too much glitter in the product. I think it’s just perfect for me but I enjoy a bit of sparkle. I think it’s important to remember this is moisturising so use a bit less moisturiser when using. I also blot with tissue or paper towel after I’m finished applying so my hair won’t stick to my face and that seems to work well. I use this one 1st and use flushed for some pink color. I’m fair skinned and I love Magic Hour so much I’m considering trying the Coco Bronze to see if I get more of a bronzer look for summer.

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