Bidet Bar





Poop! We all do it, but do we all feel clean down-there?
If you don't own an actual bidet, meet the next best thing: Bidet Bar.
The dermatologist-approved cleansing bar delivers the daily clean-up you want without the stuff you don’t, like ...

Nichole · May 5

Maybe it's just me, but this smelled absolutely terrible! I couldn't even use it and had to throw it out. Major waste of money.

Brahma · Mar 8

Does the job! I have super sensitive skin everywhere and this is the best product I have tried to get clean without burning or fragrance or anything else in the way. It is clean and it cleans! Brilliant. Thank you!

Dorothy · May 3

No, not for me

Robyn · Apr 16

This bar makes you feel super fresh and clean

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