Megafresh Wipes





Hot dates, sweaty gym sessions, messy periods, public restrooms, never-ending travel days.... you never know where you'll be when you need a quick clean up down there!

Our unscented wipes are individually wrapped to go wherever you go (pun i...

Robyn · Apr 16

These are amazing! Take with you everywhere for on the go to freshen up

Manon · Jan 1

These mega fresh wipes are amazing. They have a clean, natural, fresh scent - good for women or men. They come in a decent size and are individually wrapped for convenience. Flushable, too. Indispensable for travel. I give them 5+ stars!

Israfel · Dec 30, 2023

I love these wipes for on the go!

Cheryl · Oct 22, 2023

A must for festival season!!

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