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2.6 0Z / 75 G



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Our limited edition, Outdoor Voices natural deodorant performs when you need it to: powerful enough to provide 24 hour odor protection, but gentle enough to moisturize delicate underarm skin. This invisible formula grips onto skin only, nev...

Cynthia · Apr 4

2.6 0Z / 75 G

The only reason I didn’t make this 5 stars is simply because after having the deodorant for about 2 weeks the film that makes the bottle matte started to peel off and it lost its aesthetic. Now it looks like a very old container of deodorant when it’s barely a few weeks old. I’d honestly rather have a glossy look if it meant no peeling. However, the deodorant itself is an amazing, and is so far my favorite one I’ve tried. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, and makes you feel like a damn goddess. And lemme tell you it works! I used to be dependent on aluminum deodorants, and after detoxing my pits and trying salt and stone I’ve been great! However this particular one works the best so far.

Anna · Mar 25

Outdoor voices is juicy like yuzu, lightly herbal, and oh so fresh. When applying deodorant is your favorite part of the getting ready process, you know you’ve found a good one. The aroma isn’t overly potent, but keeps me feeling crisp all day. A real treat for the nose.

April · Mar 25

2.6 0Z / 75 G

Excellent product. Smells amazing, it reminds me of walking around in the forest. I’m not very happy with the completion of this order. It takes a long while to receive said product but I am very pleased with it. Works well and smells great! It’s not overwhelming so you can wear parfume or cologne and not smell overwhelming delicious!

Elizabeth · Mar 24

My son had been using another alternative mainstream brand that comes in a red container. He would have to apply his deodorant and spray a few times a day to keep the B.O. at bay. Not a fan of all the harsh chemicals in these other mainstream body products so I purchased this for my 13-year-old. He loves it and smells great ALL day. He does not have to reapply throughout the day as with other products.

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