Sunset Marble




Handcrafted by artisans in Morocco (so no two are alike!) and custom designed to fit the Always Pan, our beautiful clay Tagine is perfect for slow cooking and long, comforting dinners with chosen family and friends. Choose from three stunn...

Tasha · May 29

So beautiful I couldn’t wait till it was delivered I look forward to many dishes prepared Moroccan style

Kylie · Apr 23

Fits both the perfect pot and regular always pan. I wish there were more recipes. I’m using it for slow cooking/simmering.

Ann · Mar 30

Truly. This my first time to read about and hid it in my hands. As with every our place, the cardboard packaging was ingenious! I am on awe of the packaging - not one shread of bubble wrap and yet the Tangine arrived unscathed! I have yet to use it because I do not know how. Recipes for the various “Our Place” products would certainly help. Perhaps, on the Out Place website. But this far all pots perform as pictured and in written description. Food literally slides out of pot/pan to your plate! My Tangine is on display on my stove - beautiful!

Myrna · May 16

Love everything about it!

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