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Healthy hair starts with the scalp. This skincare-inspired serum helps balance and hydrate your scalp to create an ideal environment for hair to thrive.

Marlena · Apr 10

The best smelling product I have EVER owned. I would buy it for my hair even if the only benefit was that it smelled so good. But I really notice on the days that I wash my hair if I haven’t used it. My straight, fine hair gets oily very fast and doesn’t have any volume.

Jessica · Apr 8

I love this stuff! It makes my scalp feel so good. It feels hydrated. I have a bit of a dry scalp in places, and this has cured it! Plus, I’ve already noticed some new growth! And the smell is AMAZING. I would love to buy it as a fragrance

Lilian · Apr 9

Amazing, doesn’t leave your hair greasy at all perfect for daily use and I’ve been seeing a huge difference in my scalp health, which makes me optimistic for hair growth.

Thomas · Apr 5

The best after shower scalp serum. Super lightweight and smells amazing. Personally, I haven’t noticed a drastic change in my hair density, but I feel like that’s on my part (I’m not very consistent). I’d love to see a larger bottle of this. Truly hydrates and makes my scalp feel incredibly healthy.

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