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Our Hair Vitamins are crafted with a dynamic blend of vitamins, minerals and our unique Divi Roots-9 Complex. Inside each capsule, these clean ingredients, packed in slow-release beadlet technology, provide optimal hair nourishment and get ...

Emily · Apr 12

After using the Divi Scalp Serum consistently for 90-days, I’m starting to see actual growth in the baby hairs around my face that have been the same short, annoying, length my entire life. Talk about a confidence boost!

Erin · Apr 11

I’ve been taking the Divi Vitamins for about 3 1/2 months. There is a lot of growth and new baby hairs popping up all over! My hair is finally starting to look fuller!

Andrea · Mar 21

The hair vitamins truly make a difference. I started noticing more shine and life in my hair after one month! Yes, they’re pricey but that’s because they have quality to them! I’d rather spend more and see results in less time than spend less and never see results like I was with other vitamins

stacy · Mar 19

It’s definitely a vitamin I have to take right before bed or I get an upset stomach, but I was the same with prenatal vitamins. In one month, I’m already seeing new growth & stronger nails. Win!

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