The Index Set Vol. II




4 x 10ml



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The essential quartet of our cult-favorite face-forward heroes: The Index Volume II features the Resurfacing Compound, SUPER Hydrator, BARRIER Bioactive Treatment, and MANTLE Skin Conditioning Wash 10ml for a synergistic day-to-night routin...

Anonymous · Jan 4

I frequently travel without checking luggage and this set is perfect for a carry on bag. I have used one set on two trips that lasted a total of 10 days and still have product left .

wendy · Feb 2

4 x 10ml

Horrible experience I will never purchase any product from this company. I contacted them four times and no response. The product has a bad odor  and he gave my skin a rash. I don’t recommend the products. Only reason why I gave them one star is because I couldn’t write a review without giving them one.

Leanne · Dec 21, 2023

I have been in the beauty industry for decades, and I can honestly report that U Beauty is a game changer in the skincare department. When using the products in the recommended order, you get fast results, leaving behind zero irritation, creamy, clear, glowing skin. It’s as simple as that. You will not be left with average results or disappointment.

Pearlyn · Dec 21, 2023

This set is just perfect for travel, never compromising on skincare 'cos nothing is left behind (at home)

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