Rich & Gourmand Scent-sations


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Lea · Mar 30

I was thrilled to try out this "sample" set. They are based on Tom Ford, and who can afford trying them out at full price?? I found out that they aren't quite for me, but that is OK because it wasn't a huge investment. I can pass them on to friends to try, or even just use them as sort of a room spray. Very pleased.

rayna · Mar 16

I like the packaging and appreciate the small size to try out scents without having to commit to a full scale product. Unfortunately, the scents didn't suit my tastes. Perhaps its just me, but I didn't like them at all and gave them to my family. On the upside, they really liked them (with an exception of the Powdery Coconut, nobody particularly liked it. Lost Cherry - The almond scent was too strong, overpowered the cherry scent and what I could smell of it smelled almost medicinal. To be fair, I have this same problem with the OG, minus the medicinal cherry scent. The clove also seemed to clash with another scent I couldn't make out...perhaps it was the Peru Balsam??? Powdery Coconut - Never smelled the original and didn't look at the notes before trying (Just assumed I would like it since I generally liked Tom Ford and experienced Dossier impressions were generally on point anyways). Straight away I hated everything about it. But now looking at the scents, I understand that I was setting both myself and the scent up for failure; the top notes Pistachio, Cardamom and Bergamot are all scents that I don't normal hate when complimented by different scents, but stand alone I don't particularly like. So OF COURSE all together as a top note, it made me gag. My bad. Tobacco Vanille - I thought the tobacco top notes would have a similar strength to Jazz Club by Maison Margiela Replica or as well balanced as the OG impression. I was wrong; it was too strong and overpowered the gourmand notes (Vanilla, Cocoa and Honey). All I smelled was the Tonka bean and if I fooled myself enough, maybe the ginger and the vanilla (which I easily often mistake for tonka bean). Not as well balanced as I like. Perhaps I got a batch that wasn't made as well, but I was pretty disappointed. My family members liked it much more than me however and said it smells very close the original so again, maybe it's just me. I really hope Dossier to come out with more scents in this size! I really like this concept!

Juan · Apr 7

So nice to have this pack up easy for travel and have in a bag for travel to have options for different zscents

Pretina · Mar 29

Excellent packaging, stellar shipping, competitive pricing and the website was extremely easy to navigate. My new fabric fragrance find.

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