The Smoothie Deo





A smoothie a day keeps the B.O. away!

Made with pH-balancing fruit enzymes, The Smoothie Deo fights odor & nourishes skin, all in one swipe!

When skin’s pH becomes imbalanced, odor-causing microbes can thrive. Lemon, orange & bilberry...

Leah · Jan 18

Love the smell. I can never stand the smell of antiperspirants. This is nice and naturally sweet smelling. However, I find it stains my clothes, as it can become caked on. It's also quite small tbh, I wish it came in a larger size. I think it's about as effective as other natural deodorants I've tried (Native & Hello Fresh) and while it doesn't stain quite as bad as they did, it's still pretty bad.

Sally · Feb 19

Wow, this actually works! I don’t stink at all even though it’s all natural.

Karen · Mar 11

Best deodorant ever

Taylor · Jan 23

It lasts me the majority of the school day and smells so good but it’s super white and gets on clothes!

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