Underlined Kajal Eyeliner

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Nazar No More (Black)




An ultra-smooth, waterproof, smudge-proof, drag-proof eyeliner with intense, long-lasting color that doesn't budge. Bye bye raccoon eyes!

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Barbara · 9 days ago


I recently ordered eyeliner. After ordering it, I read a couple of reviews that were negative. Once I received my eyeliner and tried it out, I was happily surprised at how easily the eyeliner went on. I was surprised how the first time I used it that I was able to get it on my waterline and how professional it looked.

salome · 18 days ago

Nazar No More (Black)

I have always had trouble with my eyeliner smudging within an hour after I apply it. I tried this product went shopping, forgot I had the eyeliner on. I rubbed my eyes, was sweating and did work around the house. I went to use the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and no smudge. I was so excited. Definitely a great product!!

Sue · 18 days ago

It’s eyeliner

Watching the IG video, you’d think this was some revolutionary eyeliner product. One swipe on the water line and your eyes are perfectly lined, and it stays all day. Nope. It’s not much different than any other, it’s just eyeliner. It did arrive quickly, as promised. But it’s not special.

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