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A pack of 32 Hydro-Star pimple patches in four fun colorways: Aqua, Lime, Azalea, and Violet.

Hydro-Stars are made with 100% hydrocolloid, a material that’s clinically proven to absorb fluid and help reduce the appearance of inflammation to ...

Kelsey · Apr 5

These little hearts come in the prettiest neon colors. They work just like the yellow stars only with a brighter look! I wear these during the day because I like the bold colors. They also keep me using concealer and instead help heal the blemish!

Michael · Mar 23

I know the "pimple patches" of the past but when I thought about my scar removal - I thought STARFACE. It was the perfect accessory for a bad skin day (that happened on a great day for fashion ;-). Try these out, love them, and live your life. We all know - and we all love.

Tabitha · Mar 4

these are so cute! puple and blue arent typically my colors BUT these shades blend seemlessly into outfits. love the green and pink! i was excited to try some other colors out. work just as well as the regular hydro stars, just with a little more pop!

Lyria · Mar 5

i love this selection, the colors are just the perfect shade on any skin tone and have the right amount of neon brightness to them!! i will definitely be repurchasing!

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