Invest in the planet with every online purchase

Every Shop Pay purchase removes carbon from the air—at no extra cost.

A realistic image of the earth. There are purple arcs connecting various locations on the globe. Each arc has small purple circles at both ends, representing carbon-neutral Shop Pay deliveries traveling from their point of origin to the final delivery.

How it works

All you have to do is choose Shop Pay

Shop Pay logo

Choose Shop Pay at checkout

Look for the Shop Pay button wherever you shop online.

A growing plant

Support climate solutions

We fund projects that remove carbon from the air on your behalf.

A plant in a box

Reduce your shopping footprint

Feel better about your environmental impact because we’ve got your back.

Our projects

Kick-starting carbon removal

Together, we’re funding companies building solutions to reverse climate change.

A photograph of the device that removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Direct air capture

Climeworks has built a technology that removes CO₂ directly from the atmosphere.

A photograph of the device that removes carbon from the ocean with people in the background watching it operate.

Ocean-based removal

Planetary rebalances carbon in our atmosphere and oceans.

A photograph of workers checking the carbon-removal device that will be attached to a semi-truck.

Mobile capture

Remora is turning semi-trucks into carbon removal devices.

Past projects

Our community impact

We planted 4.6M mangrove trees in Senegal, Africa with help from WeForest.

We protected 123.6M at-risk trees in the Peruvian rainforest with help from Pachama.

A photograph of a mangrove tree.
A photograph of a woman, posing for the camera. The image represents Shopify’s partnerships for the Sustainability Fund.

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Support for these and other carbon-removal programs is funded by Shopify's Sustainability Fund.