Invest in the planet with every online purchase

You can reduce the environmental impact of your deliveries for free. All you have to do is choose Shop Pay.

A realistic image of the earth. There are purple arcs connecting various locations on the globe. Each arc has small purple circles at both ends, representing carbon-neutral Shop Pay deliveries traveling from their point of origin to the final delivery.

How it works

Check out with Shop Pay for carbon-neutral deliveries

(It's that easy!)

Shop Pay logo

Choose one-tap checkout

Look for the Shop Pay logo when you make online purchases.

A growing plant

Support climate solutions

Every Shop Pay purchase removes carbon emissions from our atmosphere.

A plant in a box

Feel better about your deliveries

As our trees grow, they'll remove enough CO₂ to offset Shop Pay deliveries. Learn how we calculate delivery emissions.

Our current project

Restoring the Casamance Mangroves

We're working with WeForest to plant 4.6M mangrove trees in Senegal, Africa. Choose Shop Pay and together we will:

  • Rebuild habitat for endangered species and wildlife
  • Grow fish populations and support sustainable harvesting
  • Capture the CO₂ produced by our Shop Pay deliveries
A photograph of mangrove trees in a tropical swamp setting.
A photograph of a tropical rainforest.

Previous community project

Protecting rainforests in Peru

With help from Pachama, we protected 123.6M at-risk trees in the Peruvian rainforest. Known as a carbon sink, this forest captures and stores a high amount of human-produced CO₂. By protecting it from deforestation, we've prevented that CO₂ from re-entering the atmosphere.

Our Promise

Carbon-neutral deliveries at no extra cost

Choosing Shop Pay means you reduce the environmental impact of shopping online. No matter how far your delivery travels or how many purchases you make, we’ve got your back.

A photograph of a tropical rainforest.
A photograph of a group of people outside, posing for the camera. The image represents Shopify’s partnership with WeForest.

A global community

Together, we can fight climate change

Our carbon-removal projects are part of a greater effort led by Shopify. Learn more about Shopify's Sustainability Fund.